Application basis projects

The application to be submitted (short and informal) should have a length of approx. 1-2 pages and briefly outline the following points:

  • Brief description of the HPC resources of the respective university or college as well as a brief overview of its main user groups and topics.
  • Planned concept for the long-term establishment of a contact person:
    • Where is the contact person located?
    • Does the position have a long-term perspective?
    • Is it possible to build on existing activities?
    • Are there already thematic focal points that the contact person should/can cover?
  • It is particularly important that the contact persons are familiar with current HPC techniques. It is therefore expected that at least basic courses from relevant subject areas are attended (see
  • If a contact person is already available: short statement of the basic knowledge he/she has or which HPC courses he/she has already attended.
  • If the HPC know-how is to be built up or expanded: short outline of which courses are considered relevant for the institution.

The applications will be reviewed by the KONWIHR Board of Directors.