MARQOV – A modern framework for classical spin models and lattice field theory on general topologies


Dr. Florian Goth
Institut für Theoretische Physik
Universität Würzburg

Project Summary

The MARQOV project is an extensible open-source framework for the massively parallel simulation via Markov Chain Monte Carlo (MCMC) techniques and the subsequent analysis of equilibrium lattice spin models. As this area of research, with origins in statistical physics, particularly aims at improving our understanding of critical phenomena, there exists considerable overlap with other research fields, such as solid-state physics, material science, and high-energy physics. In general, phase transitions are characterized by the emergence of long-range collective behaviour of the individual microscopic degrees of freedom. This gives rise to the important phenomenon of universality, according to which the character of a phase transition is solely determined by only a few fundamental properties of the system (such as its global symmetries and interaction ranges).
MARQOV now enables users to easily participate in this endeavour and study common problems in a unified framework and MARQOV can be molded to fit specific needs when exploring advanced problems.
The particular focus on efficient and highly scalable Monte Carlo simulations of classical spin models on frustrated and disordered geometries renders MARQOV unique in the world of open-source research software.

Thanks to KONWIHR funding the initial prototype was able to make the transition from initial prototype to an open-source framework that now has its home at