OpenACC for a cosmo Gadget


Dr. Klaus Dolag
Universitäts-Sternwarte München
Scheinerstr. 1 D-81679 München

Project Overview

To fully exploit the potential of the upcoming large sky surveys for cosmology and for studying the effects of Dark Energy, we continuously need to improve the predictions of how the large-scale structure is traced by luminous matter. This requires a detailed description in simulation codes of various, complex, non-gravitational, physical processes, which determine the evolution of the cosmic baryons and impact their observational properties. Among them are the star formation and related feedback and chemical pollution by supernovae, the evolution of black holes and their related AGN feedback and magnetic fields. All of these processes must be self consistently coupled with the underlying hydrodynamics. To keep in pace with the changes of HPC infrastructure, cosmological TreePM-MHD-SPH codes like P-Gadget3 have to be continuously improved and adapted for upcoming, large scale many-core-systems. Extending the MPI/OpenMP hybrid version of P-Gadget3 for GPU support as proposed for this project will provide an essential step forward for the overall ambitious programs for precision cosmology.