Implementation of multiscale X-DFA – a Fourier analysis for X-ray radiograms


Prof. Dr. Thorsten Pöschel
Institute for Multiscale Simulation of Particulate Systems
Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg

Project Overview

This proposal aims to optimize and parallelize a Fourier image analysis code, to measure temporal and spatial inhomogeneities of the particle dynamics in a liquid-fluidized bed. Our current code is based on the well-established technique of Digital Fourier Microscopy (DFM), but applied to image series of X-ray radiograms instead of optical images. We propose a multi-scale extension of this technique to varying length and time scales, which is computer time costly. HPC facilities in combination with suitable implementations to be developed here, allow for processing multiple scales from image series in an acceptable computing time.