KONWIHR Workshop: New Projects 2019

Being in a KONWIHR project means having open communication channels with your host compute centers, as well as being a member of a research community with common challenges and goals.

As your project was recently accepted, we are inviting you to a KONWIHR workshop on March 26, 15:30-18:30.

Due to the current situation with Covid-19, the meeting will not take place physically in Erlangen, but only virtually.

the technical situation was constantly evolving over the past few days and we have now decided to host the workshop via Zoom and to keep the same format as if it was physical. You will be able to join using the link you got via email. If you didn’t get the link, please write to us via info@konwihr.de.

Joining with audio is enough and should reduce your connection load. You can also use the Zoom chat to send your slides to everyone. If you cannot install Zoom, you will also get an alternative link for the web client (which may not support screen sharing for your browser).

We keep the original schedule. We will need to be strict with the time, but we can arrange additional 1-to-1 meetings if we need to discuss more with each project. You can join for the complete meeting or just in time for your project, but we would like different projects to also interact.

Please prepare an approx. 10min presentation briefly introducing the context of your project, your goals, and (most importantly) where you need help. If you are leading a Basis Project, please give an overview of the KONWIHR-related activities of your institute and where you could offer help.