Call for KONWIHR funding applications (till 01.03)

The Competence Network for Scientific High Performance Computing in Bavaria (KONWIHR), funded by the Bavarian State Ministry of Science and the Arts, offers funding for HPC-related projects, aiming to spread HPC know-how in Bavarian universities.

Applications are collected and reviewed twice per year, with deadlines on 01.03 and 01.09. Apply today.

Funding possibilities include HPC-focused scientific projects (3 months and up to 10k€, or 12 months and up to 50k€), as well as Basis Projects, to establish HPC contact points at Bavarian universities. Fundable activities include performance analysis and optimization, parallelization and porting to new architectures, algorithms for HPC, research software engineering for HPC, and introduction of new scientific domains to HPC.

Does your code have potential for performing better, but you don’t have the resources to improve it? Collaborate with HPC experts at LRZ or NHR@FAU, and start with a 2-page proposal for a 3-month project. Proposals are short, and we announce results latest three months after the call ends.

For any questions, or to hand in your proposal, contact us at

Tell your colleagues, or print the KONWIHR poster and put it on your announcements board: